Meet The Team

Fife outdoor education

Meet The Team

Check out some of the staff's recent ADVENTURES...


Paul Mitchell
Operations & Instructor

Paul's favourite part of his job is getting away on expeditions, finding new places and developing trips for others to experience. When not working, you can find him on a bike or the water, trying to keep up with everyone.


Allan Dunlop
Development & Instructor

Allan has dedicated a lifetime to supporting people in the outdoors. He is a father, grandfather and family man, but still finds time to go paddleboarding, canyoning or ride his bike.


Kirsty Pearson

Kirsty can mainly be found on a river, in a canyon, around the sea or up a hill. Despite what you might hear, Kirsty is NOT Carrie and they are NOT related.


Carrie Blair

When Carrie isn't trying to backflip off something, you will likely find her in, or on the sea, descending a canyon or riding trails. She will also be the one with a camera in everyone's face.

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Thom Humphrey

Thom's passion is for mountaineering and you'll find him hanging off a crag, or wandering around on a hill. Apart from that, you might see Thom falling off his bike, or flailing on a SUP.

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Lynne Brammel

Lynne's an all-rounder, but loves spending time on the sea, or in the hills and brings her  passion and enthusiasm  to any situation. You will probably hear her before you see her.


Aran Chatham
Casual Instructor

You can normally find Aran shreddin' on his bike or board searching for a new KOM. AKA shred-i-knight

Anna Caldwell
Casual Instructor

Maureen Dorrian
Business Support Officer

Mo is a multitasker with good work ethos and Centre knowledge, working with and supporting the team to achieve Vision.  When not at work her head is in the clouds.

Lauren Scott
Support Assistant

As well as working at OE Fife, Lauren has been using some of the staff to practice her nails and lashes. She spends the rest of her time looking after her 2 'devil' dogs.

Alan Walker

Outdoor Assistant 'the man that does everything'

When Alan isn't working, he'll more than likely be wading around rivers looking for nuggets of gold. He also has a talent of being able to headstand pretty much anywhere.